What You Get

Get ready to be fully supported along your physical, mental, emotional, energetic and intuitive journey of Motherhood.

  • Access to Empowered Pregnancy & Birth Online Course

  • Monthly Live Empowered Education & Energy Integrations with Dr. Zazu & Guests

  • Monthly Member Q&A Support Session

  • Telegram Community Weekly Support & Goodies

Bonus Goodies!

  • Body After Birth Mini-Training + Plus all future trainings!

    $1000+ value

    Take a glimpse ahead at the Fourth Trimester and what types of support can be helpful transitioning to postpartum. As well as the carefully curated and crafted experiences I create in the future! Yay!

  • Birth Partner Cheat Sheet

    $100 value

    Want your partner to be ready to support you during birth? This cheat sheet is loaded with the main stages of birth and strategies to support you during the process!

  • 30 Minute Phone Consult - If you sign up before 4/14/24!

    $150 value

    Every person is unique and has unique desires or situations they are working through during pregnancy or in preparation for birth. Dive deeper into your specific concerns and benefit from a laser focused 30 minute call to help support you where ever you are along your journey.

Ready to be fully supported by our community, and by the wisdom of a Pelvic Floor PT & Birth Doula for the next 3 months?

This option is for you, with bonus savings for committing to your health and wellbeing during this transformative time. If you are interested in the 6-month membership with an even larger discount, email [email protected] to request. See all membership options in the FAQ section.


  • When will I have time to ask questions or advice about my pregnancy or birth?

    We have 2 monthly calls where you can join us on Zoom to ask questions AND you can drop your questions in the telegram chat where I will respond on Thursdays every week!

  • Do you cover un-medicated/no intervention birth, as well as information on interventions like epidurals and C-sections?

    I discuss the anatomy & physiology of how we can give birth naturally without interventions, AND talk about interventions that can be offered in the hospital or a home/birth center setting because birth is not a one-size-fits-all transformation, and there may be appropriate times for interventions. The KEY is to know the distinction when they are NECESSARY and when they are "routine" and unnecessary likely causing more harm than good. I'm going to support you through these situations, as well as teach you how to support yourself so you know how to advocate for yourself and feel confident about any decision you need to make during this time.

  • What if I give birth before my membership ends?

    No problem! You will be able to transfer the remainder of your membership commitment to the Empowered Postpartum Course & Membership, setting you up to be well supported during the fourth trimester!

  • What is the energy work that you provide during the monthly empowerment calls?

    Using the Metamorphosis Method, we use breathwork to help regulate our nervous system, release stuck energy that is not longer serving us and access our intuition to strengthen our confidence needed to make decisions during pregnancy and birth. Many times, pregnancy and birth are opportunities to let go of old patterns that will not serve us in parenting the specific child that you bringing into your family or for the next version of your personal evolution during this time. Once we can identify and clear old patterns using this method, you make space for the full transformative process of pregnancy and birth!

  • What are the 3 sign up options?

    Month to Month Membership: $349/mo - OR 3 Month Membership $259/mo ($270 savings) - OR 6 Month Membership (Paid in Full) $1,399 ($695 savings).

  • What is your cancellation policy? Do you offer refunds?

    Cancel anytime before your payment transaction for the month if on a month-to-month membership. Cancel at the end of your subscription period if you are on a 3 or 6 month plan. Since this is an ongoing membership community experience, all payments are final with a no refund policy.