Course curriculum

    1. A Welcome Message from Dr. Zazu

    1. When Does Labor Start & What is Pre-Labor?

    2. Loving Labor: Stage 1 (Latent Phase)

    3. Loving Labor: Stage 1 (Active Phase)

    4. Loving Labor: Stage 2 (Latent Phase)

    5. Loving Labor: Stage 2 (Active Phase)

    6. Loving Labor: Final Stages 3 - 4

    7. How to Make the Best Decisions During Birth - BRAINS

    1. Starting to Prep for Birth, as Easy as A-B-C

    2. Before Birth Must Ask Questions

    3. Labor & Delivery Must Ask Questions

    4. C-section and Postpartum Care Must Ask Questions

    1. Perineal Massage for reducing risk of pelvic floor tearing

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Social proof: testimonials

“Beyond happy with services provided - Zazu is amazing! Zazu is both professional and knowledgeable about the field and does a great job explaining what is going on with your body and what is needed to achieve your goal. Zazu’s doula services are unmatched. The level of detail and the education she provided to my husband and I in the pre-labor meetings were amazing. She explained decisions that would have to be made while in labor and allowed me to navigate/create a birth plan that fit me. 5 stars are not enough for the services, education, and experience Zazu provides.”

Laura A.

“Just imagine being able to ask someone all of your questions about pregnancy and birth and having those questions answered factually and confidently. We went over the entire birthing process and positions for labor and delivery. The fact that Zazu is trained in physical therapy for both orthopedics and women’s health is perfect for helping pregnant clients. Before my sessions with Zazu, I was feeling rather anxious about the last weeks of pregnancy and labor/delivery. I now feel much more confident and at-peace as I am close to the big day. (I am also now very aware how important reducing fear and anxiety can be in this process!). I feel better both mentally and physically. The fact that Zazu is so well-versed in her areas of expertise maximizes the time she is providing so you will get the most out of it. Anyone reading this review is very fortunate to have found such a talented healthcare provider!”

Tina R.

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