Course curriculum

    1. A Message from Dr. Zazu

    2. How to Navigate... Empowered Postpartum - The Collective

    3. Before we begin...

    1. Reconnecting to your Pelvic Floor and Core

    1. Dealing with Bladder Leaks

    1. Optimizing you Core and Scar Tissue Healing

    1. Prepare for Penetration and Sex

    1. What is coming out from where? What you can do to help yourself heal.

About this course

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  • 1 Live Monthly Bonus Training
  • Private Telegram Community
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Bonus Goodies

  • Educational Exercise Handouts

    $1000 value

    These handouts include all of the information to help yourself heal through postpartum rehab principles and follow along with each video’s recommendations for issues including Bladder, Bowel, Pain with Sex and more!

  • Healing and Timelines Bonus Lesson

    $250 value

    This probably the #1 question asked by my Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy clients and it is vital information to understand while you heal in postpartum. Everyone’s body and situation are unique. However, I’ll share with you the average postpartum healing timelines. I’ll also share specific information to use along your healing journey that will help you figure out if you are on the right track or need to pivot with alternative support.

  • Bonus Breathwork for Birth Trauma Recording


    Breathwork has been shown to help your nervous system (along with other systems in your body) to regulate itself. Why is this important? Because if your nervous system is overactive, it can interrupt the healing timeline by keeping you in “fight, flight, freeze” mode vs “rest, digest, heal” mode. This breath work will help your body shift into that “healing” mode of your nervous system to allow your body to help itself heal ideally. If you are one of the 1/3 of women who have experienced trauma during your birth, your body can have a challenging time switching out of that danger mode and into the safety mode. This breath session will specifically help you to shift this pattern in your body. Ideally, a deeper breathwork session like this can be done 1-2x, but the beauty of this recording is that you can do shorter versions like 5-15 minutes daily and it will still help! And you get access to this session for life, even when you are no longer actively in the course!

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  • Cancellation policy?

    Easy! This course and membership was made month-to-month to help folks get exactly what they need and move on when they feel complete. Just give us an email 30 days from your next monthly renewal. Email [email protected].

  • Does this count as Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy for Insurance Coverage?

    While this course and community covers educational topics and strategies used in Pelvic Floor PT, you are not receiving one-on-one Physical Therapy care from Dr. Zazu Cioce DPT. This is not billable to insurance. However, setting up a one-on-one virtual or in-person PT session may be available to you depending on your location. You can inquire further by emailing [email protected]

  • Access to Replays of Monthly Calls?

    Yes! The recordings of the additional training and Q&A calls will be uploaded to the member portal within 48 hours.

  • What if I can’t make a call? Can I send you my question beforehand?

    Yes! This is what the telegram community is for! Drop in your questions there and I will answer them on the monthly call, as well as anyone’s questions who are live on the call!

  • What will you cover on the monthly calls?

    Great question! We have two monthly calls, one of them for answering any questions that you have in regard to the course content and how you can use it to help yourself heal within your situation. Our second call of the month is to dive into additional content not included in the course, and/or deepen even further into the course content! For example, I go further into Diastasis Rectus Abdominis (DRA) and take us through how to measure and assess ourselves during the call, giving you feedback, tips and tricks!